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No one wants to call a pest control company but when pests invade your business, it becomes important to take care of the problem quickly and thoroughly – exterminating pests and keeping them from coming back.

If you have a ant problem in Northern New Jersey, let the specialists at One Hour Pest Control help. We are a team of New Jersey pest control and extermination specialists that have developed a reputation for providing responsible, discreet, and full-service pest control services, all with our commitment to excellent customer service.

Controlling ants can almost seem like a losing battle. This common pest is known to find the smallest cracks in a offices, restaurants, and grocery stores to create an invasion. Just one small bit of a sweet food or a greasy substance is enough to attract ants, as can the presence of water. Because ants leave a chemical trail as they journey into your business, an entire colony can follow along behind.

That’s why having reliable ant control services you can contact if this pest begins to get out of control can help to protect your business. Consider these facts about this common pest.

• Ant colonies can be huge. There may be half a million ants living in your business right now. Just because most of the colony may live outside doesn’t mean that a weather change or a need for food or water won’t drive them into your business.

• Ant colonies are persistent. The average lifespan for an ant is 7 years. A queen ant can live for up to 15 years. If the pest isn’t removed, then it will be around to stay for a long time.

• Most DIY efforts are not effective. The problem with DIY ant control is that it tries to block access points to the business or it removes the pests that are seen.

Some ants may seem harmless and only want some of the leftover crumbs that fall to the floor. Others may go after the food left out. Some species of ants, however, may actually attack the structure of your business and use it for food. That’s why having a local pest control expert available to help control the colonies that may be in your business is such a tremendous asset to have.

Ants come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Each species requires a different approach. If you’re concerned about the number of ants you’ve seen coming into your business, then make today be the day that you give us a call. We can discuss inspection options, removal possibilities, and do so for a surprisingly affordable rate. There is never an obligation to discuss your concerns.

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