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Welcome to One Hour Pest Control of New Jersey. We are one of the the most affordable, effective pest control choices for those in just about any part of New Jersey. Our team of specialists handles requests both large and small. We can identify and eliminate all types of pests, including rats and mice, bedbugs, cockroaches, fleas, flies, ants, and so much more.

If you feel like you have a pest problem and need a team of NJ exterminators to help eliminate it, contact One Hour Pest Control of New Jersey today – and the leading 24 hour pest control service will be able to help.

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One Hour Pest Control
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Joyce Murray
Joyce Murray
05:47 13 May 19
These guys are awesome! Just one visit and our Argentinian ants were demolished - as safely and naturally as possible. Thank you!
Kendra MacMillan
Kendra MacMillan
02:24 17 Dec 18
Quick, efficient, and thorough! Came immediately and literally took their time inspecting every inch of my home before getting to work on the problem. There was no sign of the pests 48 hrs later.
Anas Ahmed
Anas Ahmed
19:28 07 Nov 18
I had some huge Cluster flies in my apartment that just kept coming even with windows closed. Must have been somewhere in the house but Frank and Darryl helped me get rid of them. Darryl was very professional and took care of all of my concerns without any rush. I believe Frank is the manager and he followed up with me multiple times to make sure everything was okay. After 2-3 days the flies returned in much fewer numbers but this time they would die due to the medicine. Frank gave me another free follow up visit to address it! Darryl came again and did some more of his magic and now I do not see these disgusting flies anymore.Thank you Frank & Darryl!
Kathy Carmichael
Kathy Carmichael
08:40 24 Oct 18
This Company is Awesome! They arrived right on time, very proffesional.They go over everything with you. The prices are very affordable. I give them a "thumb's up" and will be using them again.
Amalia Moukas
Amalia Moukas
15:10 08 Sep 18
Amazing, Incredible Five Star Service! Look no further, these guys are, hands down, the best! Last night I spotted a small mouse in my apartment. I called first thing this morning and Frank got back to me right away. Within 1 hour, I had two guys here, who were the friendliest and sweetest guys ever! They were so reassuring that they would find the point of entry for me. They diligently went through my entire apartment, looking for droppings and identified the source of entry, which was behind my oven. Furthermore, they patched up any other hole they saw. Frank was in constant communication and the extremely helpful and professional. I can't thank One Hour Pest Control, Frank and his men enough.
Gloria Plaks
Gloria Plaks
17:37 01 Jul 18
Communications with One Hour Pest control about our roach issue was easy and quick. I called, they asked me to send an email with my address, and when I asked some questions in the email, they called me back within 5 minutes to answer my questions. The exterminator got here exactly when we agreed. I was not home when the gentleman came but my husband said he was friendly and professional. He closed up holes,  and got behind things that we had not moved in quite a while (like the dishwasher).The gentleman even went through all of my cabinets and found that we had lots of beetles... we had NO idea. He got rid of them. The next morning, I picked up quite a few dead roaches and am still picking them up. .. so it's working.  I will definitely use them again if the roaches re-appear (which I am sure they will because I live in NYC) and there is a loyalty price for using their service even a year after the first treatment. I tried many treatments, sprays, gels, and none gave me the results that One Hour Pest Control did! Thank you guys! UPDATE: 10 months later... still no roaches.
Brad Gakenheimer
Brad Gakenheimer
04:10 27 Apr 17
Excellent customer service and did a great job sealing up all the holes, putting around traps and inspecting my apartment. I saw a mouse around 9:30pm and called these guys to come out. They were here within an hour around 10:30pm and I got a call after to confirm everything went smoothly. They said they'll be following up too within the week.
Daniel Brillman
Daniel Brillman
18:06 16 Jan 17
Awesome company. We live in a brownstone with new construction and wanted to ensure all things pest related were in good shape. Ray and Spike were very professional, thorough, and did an amazing job assessing and doing work. Am recommending them to the rest of the building and others as well. Great job and very very nice people.
Melanie Munoz
Melanie Munoz
18:09 14 Nov 16
My husband and I called them last night within 2 hours we had 2 of the greatest guys helping us. Jimmy really knew his stuff! They moved the stove and found the holes! Immediately stuffed them and set up poison for the mouse. They also moved the fridge just to check. Unfortunately they didn't catch the little guy but this morning we found him stuck on one of the traps. Thank you guys so much! So professional and being open 24 hours in the city is a BIG PLUS!
Buck S.
Buck S.
11:55 16 Aug 16
One Hour Pest Control acted quickly after my call for help as I wanted my problem taken care of right away. I found them to be the only one open 24 hours a day and on weekends which is great! Ray and his colleague were very professional, took care of my needs and at my request came back 8 days later for a follow-up visit which made me feel better. I highly recommend One Hour Pest Control to anyone.
Sia Bayiokos
Sia Bayiokos
17:18 01 Jul 16
EXCELLENT SERVICE!!! I had an emergency & needed an bedbug exterminator IMMEDIATELY & Frank sent someone within two hours. If u want great & FAST service, this is the company for you. I will ONLY use this company if i ever have a bedbug problem in the future.....as opposed to other companies that don't give u same-day service & charge u an arm & a leg. One Hour Pest Control is THE BEST!! Now i can sleep in peace again.....thank you guys!!!!!
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Call One Hour Pest Control NJ today at (732) 387-4135 | Email questions or comments to: onehourpestcontrolnj@gmail.com

Pest Control Exterminators in New Jersey

One Hour Pest Control is a professional licensed pest control company in NJ that has served many families and business over the years. Our exterminators are dedicated to serving you and to meeting your pest control needs in the most cost efficient and effective way possible.

At One Hour Pest Control, we like to say that the “Pest Stops Here.” That’s because we take an individualized approach to our New Jersey residential and commercial pest control exterminator service for your Home and Business. Instead of generalized programs and services, each client receives a thorough inspection and so there is never a question as to what we do or how we do it. Our extermination services include:

  • Pest Inspections
  • Rapid Pest Clean Ups
  • Pest Exclusions as Needed

We inspect the interior and the exterior of your property to make sure any potential risks are removed. Our expert technicians will even discuss proactive prevention methods that you can take on your own to limit future risks.

We hire local NJ exterminator technicians that are true pest control professionals that will get the job done right the first time. We charge fair rates that are competitive with national providers. We provide a personal touch served with local pride so that you don’t have to worry about bothersome pests ever again. If you’re interested in our pest control and pesticide free services in New Jersey and would like to schedule an appointment, or you just have a question or two to ask, then feel free to give us a call today at your convenience and a pest control expert will be able to help you.

Pest Control NJ New Jersey Exterminators

Call One Hour Pest Control NJ today at (732) 387-4135 | Email questions or comments to: onehourpestcontrolnj@gmail.com

Pest Control Exterminators in New Jersey

Bed bugs are a common problem in New Jersey and all of the tri-state. With millions of travelers every year in such an enclosed space, bed bugs have taken over many of the hotels and homes across NJ, NY and PA. Our NYC pest control team are bed bug extermination experts and are ready to help you eliminate bed bugs from your home, apartment or business.

Rodent and rat control is one of our extermination specialties here at One Hour Pest Control of New Jersey. Our exterminators can help not only eliminate rats and mice from your property – we can also help find their entrance area and keep them from coming back to control your rat problem for the long term. Our team of rodent exterminators can also respond very quickly to help you just about anywhere in New Jersey.

Cockroaches are more than just a gross nuisance, they are also one of the most common causes of allergies, and they are one of the most difficult insects to eliminate, especially in the city. If you are looking to exterminate these pest once and for all then call us today and our pest control experts can help. Our cockroach exterminators in NJ and have the tools needed for complete removal.

Cloth Moths may look like one of the smaller and less bothersome pests in your home or office, but they’ve obtained that name for a reason. As caterpillars, these moths like to eat the fabric of clothing, and if left untreated they can ruin your entire wardrobe! If you find any type of moth in your closets then you should call the experts and have an exterminator come and get these pest under control.

Fruit Fly Pest Control is a surprisingly common call. That’s because it is so easy to accidentally trigger a fruit fly infestation and tough to get rid of without knowledge of pest extermination. All it takes is leaving fruit around and suddenly thousands of these flies invade your home or office. If you have a problem please call us today and let us handle it for you.

House Fly infestations can be incredibly problematic and tough to get rid of without a professional exterminator. It’s not just the flies that are the problem – although in commercial properties (such as restaurants), flies can affect customer service. The bigger problem is that an invasion implies easy access to your property. Our extermination experts can provide full pest control service and long term treatment, call today and find out more.

Mosquitoes are the number one killer of humans in the entire world. These pests not only create itchy bites. They also carry diseases, including Zika and West Nile Virus. Mosquito pest control is designed to both eliminate mosquitoes and explore how they entered your property. If you need an exterminator in NJ, from Bergen Country down to Ocean Country for mosquitoes then call us today and we can help!

Bird Pest Control is critically important for homes and business’s that have been invaded by birds or pigeons. Birds are incredibly intelligent, and can build nests so you can’t find them. They may carry mites, disease, and droppings so it is best to contact an exterminator if you feel you have a bird control problem in NJ. We have the most affordable bird control services in the NJ area, call us today!

Ants and Insects invade not because they want to, but because they can. While ants are the more notorious invaders, since they go out and search for food, other bugs – like crickets – invade because they get lost looking for warmth. Ant and insect pest control means finding their entrances and that is what our exterminators are trained to do. Call us today and have our pest control experts help you tomorrow!

Beetle Pest Control focuses on both the elimination of common household beetles, and the exclusion of these beetles from your property in the future. At One Hour Pest Control in NJ, we look to both inform and eliminate when it comes to your beetle infestations.

Flea infestations bother more than just your pet, which is why our flea pest control in NJ is here to help you eliminate it. We know that fleas affect your comfort and security in your home, and they can drive your pest crazy. Let us help you get rid of fleas throughout your property.

Spiders are scary. Spider pest control is designed to eliminate spiders from your property, and prevent them from finding entrance places in the future. it is also designed to eliminate their food sources, because spiders don’t always survive on their own. Call us for NJ spider extermination.

Call One Hour Pest Control NJ today at (732) 387-4135 | Email questions or comments to: onehourpestcontrolnj@gmail.com

Pest Control Exterminators in New Jersey

New Jersey Pest Control can help you with:

  • Apartments
  • Private Homes
  • Multi-Family Housing
  • Townhouses
  • Condos & Coops
  • Large Apartment Complexes
  • Nursing Homes
  • Shelters
  • Single Room Occupancy (SRO)
  • Housing Dorms
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Facilities
  • Professional Offices
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Schools
  • Day Care Centers
  • Theaters
  • Office Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Libraries
  • Gyms

If you are looking for pest control exterminators in New Jersey then onehourpestcontrolnj.com is here to service all your pest control needs! We have exterminators in NJ from North Bergen down to Ocean Country, NJ to help get rid of your pest infestation quickly and efficiently. Call us today if you need an exterminator in NJ, for ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, rats, mice and just about any other critter you don’t want in your home or office!

Our exterminators are experienced with NJ apartments and office buildings and know how to keep the pest from returning once we have set the traps and caught the pests. Our pest control specialist work with safe chemicals and will inform you of the products being used in the extermination process.

At One Hour Pest Control, we know how stressful it can be to know you have invaders in your home. From bed bugs to roaches to mic to rats, our highly trained exterminators can help you eliminate them – no matter the type of pest, no matter the size of the home, and no matter how severe the infestation. Our extermination prices are affordable, and our professional pest control team can often respond to most pest problems that same day!

Pests can ruin a business. That’s why the exterminators at One Hour Pest Control respond to your commercial pest problems discreetly and efficiently. Our pest control team uses unmarked vans to help ensure that no one knows what we’re there for, and we’ll do our best to exterminate pests as quickly as possible so that your business can keep operating.

We frequently partner with condos and apartment complexes to provide affordable pest solutions. Our NJ exterminators can provide you with an affordable quote, our exterminators will examine all areas of the building inside and out to ensure that all pests are thoroughly eliminated. We’d love to talk to you more about your complex, and see if we’re a great fit for you.

If your home or office is in need of pest control in NJ then give us a call today and most of the time we can send our exterminators out within 24 hours. From bed bug extermination to roaches, birds, mice and more our exterminators are ready to help you rid your NJ home or office of pest today.

New Jersey Pest Control can help you with:

  • Bed Bug Extermination
  • Rodents Control
  • Rats and Mice Control
  • Fly Pest Control
  • Fruit Fly Pest Control
  • Cloth Moth Control
  • Flea Control
  • Beetle Control (8 types)
  • Bird Control
  • Roach Proofing
  • Ant Exclusions
Pest Control NJ New Jersey Exterminators

Call One Hour Pest Control NJ today at (732) 387-4135 | Email questions or comments to: onehourpestcontrolnj@gmail.com